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Download UIKIT Soda Light Admin

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Download UIKIT Soda Light Admin Free Web Theme:

UIKIT Soda Light Admin Web Theme
Web Theme by: expresspixel
Published: May 15, 2017
File Size: 707.73 KB
Layout: Responsive
Columns: 2
Minimum Browser: IE 8

Overview: UIKIT Soda Light Admin
UIKit Soda light admin is a minimal admin theme where you can use any of the components from UIKit’s fabulous library. It has more components than bootstrap & has bits of javascript that provide functionality for it’s components that use inline html tags rather than having to code things separately. Using this makes it easy for you to create a good looking dashboard for your clients without having to spend ages on the design.

The admin panel uses a full-width layout while also provides demonstrations of how content editing pages, image galleries, calendars & other components will look. If you’re working on your own admin panel or for a startup – it’s quite ideal as it enables you to develop fast. It’s powered entirely by jQuery & static HTML so the template is super easy to follow.


Write a new article
Manage Articles
Manage Comments
Manage Categories
Upload images
Manage galleries
Manage albums
Includes: Widgets, Tabs, Carousel, Modals, Confirm boxes, Buttons, Labels & Badges, Cards & panels, Icons, Navigation menus, Alerts


Compatible with UIKit 3.x
Written in valid HTML5 that makes good use of proper semantics
Theme modifications are stored in a separate CSS stylesheet to make upgrading easy
View the layout without styles to see the well-formed, bare markup
Includes jQuery

Assets UIKit – https://getuikit.com/ jQuery – http://jquery.com/

Don’t forget! Because you’re using a theme built with UIKit, you get access to everything in the UIKit component library & ecosystem. This makes UIKit an excellent choice for your admin panel project.

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