Nov 22, 2021

Download Magic Mug Animated Mockup

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Download Magic Mug Animated Mockup Free Template:

Magic Mug Animated Mockup Template
Template by: rebrandy
Published: May 11, 2017
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 372.47 MB
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 px

Overview: Magic Mug Animated Mockup
Introducing a new beautiful 3D rendered magic mug mockup for Adobe Photoshop that can be easily transformed into an animated presentation with personalized design.

Magic mugs are thermochromic, meaning they change colours according to their temperature. This heat sensitive mug mockup presents a very interesting scenario: some hot water is being poured into the mug causing a colour change & revealing a lovely custom design which can be effortlessly replaced with your personal artwork & logo. The mug’s handle & rim are changing colour accordingly. After some time the mug cools down turning back into its original state.

To ensure that your magic mug design will grab your potential customers’ attention we’ve provided our mockup with many new & unique features: highly realistic & automatically adjustable visual effects for the water flow, steam, etc. including a separate layer to modify the refraction of light in the water. Plus we’ve got a brand new feature: amazingly realistic sound effects to create a sense of presence.

This can work well for any promotional presentation, corporate design or branding.

Watch a video about the mug’s design creating:

More magic mug previews:

Watch the exported gifs animation:

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (32/64bit): CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

Product includes:

2 psd with animated mug, front & side view;
instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Editable elements:

mug’s body original & heat affected colours;
mug handle;
mug rim;
liquid colour;

Save animation as:

animated gif;
HD video mp4 (with sound effects);
jpg, png sequence;


Patterns & textures used in previews are not included in product.
Some distortions of the texture overlay & overlay shifting during animation are possible;
Work with 3D objects can cause errors in Photoshop. We recommend to follow the video instructions when you working with this mockup;
Make sure that you have enough space on the active scratch disk (more than 50 GB) & that the computer’s RAM isn’t currently occupied by other applications than Photoshop;
If you have the opportunity, use this mockups on a more powerful computer;
Opening PSD & export animation even on powerful computers, can take up to 15 minutes.

Have any questions? Let us know.

Ceramic Mug Animated Mockup here –

Glass Mug Animated Mockup here –

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