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Download 375+ Mockups ‒ Scandinavian Framing

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Download 375+ Mockups ‒ Scandinavian Framing Free Template:

375+ Mockups ‒ Scandinavian Framing Template
Template by: Frisk Shop
Published: Nov 19, 2018
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 907.45 MB
Dimensions: 2500 x 1768 px
DPI: 72

Overview: 375+ Mockups ‒ Scandinavian Framing
Free Update #2 Available! We’ve just added 10 new wallpapers for the 1-6 interiors in the collection – for details please see the last preview screenshot above. Next updates (for another interiors) will be available within next weeks, stay tuned!

Scandinavian Interiors as its best. Realistic, movable & editable frames mockups. Useful features & instructions for smooth workflow. All these things put together in one, powerful product: Scandinavian Framing! All the best features for the frames mockups & many more.

Etsy Sellers, Photographers, Poster Designers, Web Designers, Instagrammers & Pinners on the board! You have a unique opportunity to instantly show your art in frames with no effort!

Scandinavian Framing solves most common problems when using frame mockups:

1. Scale of the frames – no more guessing what is the scale between the frame & interior objects. All the frames are there with the size already defined. You can choose between most common sizes: 8×10, 8.5×11, 11×14, A3 & 18×24. Each frame has 5 different colors & textures (white, black, white wood, natural wood, dark wood).

2. Hiding frames behind the objects – we’ve prepared a masks for almost any interior out there so you can hide your frames behind the plants, furnitures, lamps etc (works well for bright as well as dark prints). Plus, you can find a previews with all the masked objects matched.

3. Mat or without a mat – with Scandinavian Interiors it’s easier than you think. Upload your artwork once & you can choose “with” or “without” with just one click. More than that, you can change its size & color. Easy peasy!

4. Frame color change – it takes seconds to change the frame color to you favorite one. You can read pdf document attached to your download to follow step by step instructions. No limits!

5. Artificial look – we’ve done our best to create the best quality mockups ever so you can be sure your prints will look stunning. More than that, you can use adjustments layers atached to change the exposure of your prints.

6. Hard to use – you should be making mockups as simple as possible, Scandinavian Framing mockups are like that! You can also find simple instructions in your download.

7. Tons of GB to download – nothing like that! It’s only 900 MB total so it takes few minutes to complete your download.

‒ Scandinavian Framing in numbers:

15 different interiors
5 most common frame sizes
5 textures for each frame size
2 variants for each frame (with & without mat)
25 different frames (5 sizes x 5 textures each)
375+ variations!

See previews for more!

Any questions? Feel free to send us a private message or ask in comments below. Please note that all art images shown inside the frames in previews are copyright of their respectfully owners & are used only for preview purposes. They are not included inside.

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