Jan 12, 2022

Download Printed Textures & Tools

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Download Printed Textures & Tools Free Graphic:

Printed Textures & Tools Graphic
Graphic by: Bracken
Published: Feb 09, 2020
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Size: 1.4 GB
Dimensions: 3840 x 8561 px

Overview: Printed Textures & Tools
Bracken’s Printed Textures & Tools

Do you often salivate at a lovely bit of printed type? Can you smell the ink when you see a lovely gritty grainy print texture? Do you wish you had a printing press in your laptop?

Look no further for delightful grungy printed goodness! With over 100 textures, assets & tools, all meticulously created, you’ll be unstoppable in creating a soft analog grunge look for any design work.

Whats Included?

86 Beautiful PNG Print Textures Broken down into 4 Categories

41 Brushed Inks
16 Rolled Inks (Dry)
13 Rolled Inks (Wet)
6 Toner Inks

24 PNG Assets Broken down into 2 Categories

10 Packaging Assets
14 Printer & Registration Marks

3 Photoshop ‘Printed’ Actions

Extra Utility Actions for easily changing file dpi

I hope you get as much use out of these as I do, I haven used them in almost everyone of my instagram posts since I started making them. If you ever make anything super cool with them, please tag @bracken.design on instagram as I would love to see!

Thankyou, Tim [Bracken] x

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