Mar 25, 2022

Download Outdoor Adventure Camping BUNDLE

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Download Outdoor Adventure Camping BUNDLE Free Graphic:

Outdoor Adventure Camping BUNDLE Graphic
Graphic by: plaidGecko
Published: May 20, 2019
File Size: 1.66 GB
Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 px

Overview: Outdoor Adventure Camping BUNDLE
This bundle is everything you need for that vintage, outdoorsy, national-park, camping watercolor vibe! All items are hand painted with coordinating color palette & feature multiple versions for max versatility! Save over 60% on these 70 unique illustrations, more than 300 total high-res assets!

Are you a designer? Layered photoshop files make your workflow a snap! Not a designer? No worries! Each graphic, in each version, is also saved as an individual, .png clipart file! Everything is super organized in labeled folders with intuitive filenames for easiest use. Each item is super-high resolution, averaging over 1000px wide.

Wow, so many versions! These graphics are ready for any project on any background in any style!

Ink Outline – perfect for line art, coloring pages, invert to white for a chalk drawing effect or combine with watercolor to control angle & skew!

Watercolor Only – precision cutout, no white ghosting around the edges, looks sharp paired together & on darker backgrounds!

Watercolor & Ink Combo – where it all began, my signature style, outline provides crisp edge that looks sharp on any background, ink & watercolor together have a perfectly whimsical illustrated character!

BONUS Bordered “Sticker” – a new addition to these packs, the white border allows for natural, imperfect watercolor edges. Use on white backgrounds create your own stickers using your cricut cutting machine!

This pack includes 73 unique hand-painted illustrations. Cairns (2), branches (2), pine sprigs (3), pine cones (2), pine cone branches (2), cotton branches (4), acorns (2), cat tail bushes (2), forest landscapes (2) individual pine evergreen trees (9), retro family cars (30 (station wagon, rover, jeep), vintage suitcases (4), vintage travel bag, wool blanket, hiking boot prints (2), map compass, camp fire, canoe, canoe paddles (2), national parks & forest department style signs (2), sign posts (2), grass (2) sign icons (hiker, tent, trailer, fire, binoculars), enamelware mug, enamelware mugs stacked, enamelware coffee pot, stanley thermos, canteen, gas lamp (2), hiking boots, picnic basket, canteen, sleeping bag (2), army-style tent, camping tent

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