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Download Celluloid: Textures for Video/Design

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Download Celluloid: Textures for Video/Design Free Graphic:

Celluloid: Textures for Video/Design Graphic
Graphic by: Chroma Supply
Published: Apr 03, 2020
Applications Supported: Other
File Size: 970 B
Dimensions: 3840 x 2160 px

Overview: Celluloid: Textures for Video/Design
A 4K 16mm Film Texture Pack for Video & Design.

There’s something special about the imperfections of motion picture film. But, not every project can justify shooting on celluloid. So, here’s your solution: a whole pack of imperfections, just the cutting room floor, just the grungy flickering magic of mistakes.

Real 16mm 4K+ scans of light leaks, dust, scratches, & ends of the roll. They’re perfect for adding vintage atmosphere to video projects, design work, & motion graphics. Comes with both MP4 versions, PNG stills, & a giant ProRes 4444 version.

How did we get them? In the fall of 2019, our partner creator, Fred Sprinkle, shot a short film ( ) on 16mm Kodak film with a 70 year old Bolex motion picture camera. When he was done burning through 800 feet of film, he sent it to Boston to have each little frame of celluloid scanned at 4904×3280. The result was about 30 minutes of beautiful footage of dancer & actor Ekeobong Utibe. But, hidden among these elegant clips was a treasure of a different kind. At the beginning & end of each roll of film there were about five to ten seconds of chaos: light pollution, scratches, flickers, & mistakes. In a word: magic. & we felt like it wasn’t fair keeping it to ourselves. So here it is, all the orphans of chaos, spliced together, waiting for a new home in your next project.

If all this film talk sounds a bit overwhelming, no worries, this pack also comes with tutorials for using these textures in After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, & DaVinci Resolve.

We’re happy to have partnered with Fred Sprinkle ( ), a director & motion designer based in Los Angeles & Washington state, on this pack.


1 The Big One – 30 seconds of spliced, but not looped film texture clips (4904 x 3280, ProRes 4444, 6.7GB)
1 one minute spliced & looped textures (4K UHD 16×9 MP4)
1 one minute spliced & looped textures with grain (4K UHD 16×9 MP4)
1 one minute original aspect ratio spliced & looped textures (4904 x 3280 MP4)
1 4K one minute grain clip (4K UHD MP4)
1 4K 15 second grain clip (4K UHD ProRes)
5 unspliced 16mm stock footage clips (4904 x 3280 MP4)
7 unspliced 16mm texture clips (4904 x 3280 MP4)
12 PNG stills of selected 16mm film texture, scratches, & light leaks (4904 x 3280)
3 tutorials for After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, & Resolve (HD MP4)


The product files are too large to upload here, so after purchasing, download the text file & use the download link included there.


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