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Download 1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO)

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Download 1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO) Free Font:

1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO) Font
Font by: GLC Foundry
Published: Jan 16, 2013
File Size: 126.71 KB

Overview: 1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO)
This family was inspired from the set of font faces used in Amsterdam by Daniel Elzevir to print the famous “Tractatus de corde…” the study on earth anatomy by Richard Lower, in 1669. The punch cutter was the Dutch famous Kristoffel Van Dijk. In our two styles (Normal & Italic), font faces, kernings & spaces are scrupulously the same as in the original. This Pro font covers Western, Eastern & Central European languages (including Celtic), Baltic & Turkish, with standard & “long s” ligatures in each of the two styles. The Roman (Normal) style is containing a U stylistic alternate, & the Italique style A.

404 Glyphs in each of the two styles (Normal +Italic), including OpenType variants.

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