Nov 26, 2021

Download Watercolor Photoshop Action

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Download Watercolor Photoshop Action Free Add-on:

Watercolor Photoshop Action Add-on
Add-on by: Freezerondigital
Published: Sep 21, 2015
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 338.5 KB

Overview: Watercolor Photoshop Action
The Action has been updated & now working with Photoshop CC 2015.5+

—————————————— Watercolor Photoshop Action ———————————————– Add some magic to your photos! Professional Watercolor effect results in minutes.Saves a lot of time & looking great! CS3+ Photoshop

Very high quality
ATN, README files included
5 Color options
Fully editable

—————————————————–How to use————————————————————

Open your photo by going to the “File” menu in Photoshop & selecting “Open”. Select your photo & hit “Ok”.

Create a new layer(Name it as “brush”). Using a soft brush, select layer “brush” & brush where you want the effect to appear.

Next with the “Watercolor” action selected, hit the “Play” icon at the bottom of the actions window.

Your finished!

————————————Help&Tips (If something went wrong)——————————————

Make history cleaning (Edit – Purge – All) , Reset your Photoshop Preferences ( ) Also make sure you are using English photoshop version!
Delete this action from PS, close PS & install action in your photoshop root category, & restart your PC. (Optional)
Open Photoshop, make sure your image is 8 bit, RGB mode (Image – Mode) & better to use images more than 1000-1500 px
Check you have the checkbox ticked for “Add Copy to Copied Layers & Groups” inside the layer panel options. To locate this, go to the top right hand corner icon in the layer panel & select Panel Options.
Double check that you have spelt ‘brush’ with NO capital letters. So no capital B.
Layer with photo must be a Background layer ( Layer – New – Background from layer)

For any support write me a PM

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