Nov 16, 2021

Download VectorSketch | Illustrator Brushes

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Download VectorSketch | Illustrator Brushes Free Add-on:

VectorSketch | Illustrator Brushes Add-on
Add-on by: RetroSupply Co.
Published: Sep 02, 2015
Applications Supported: Adobe Illustrator
File Size: 56.91 MB

Overview: VectorSketch | Illustrator Brushes
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Finally, Professional Quality Pressure Sensitive Charcoal Brushes for Illustrator!

Traditionally, if you want to create authentic charcoal & pencil effects digitally it happens it Photoshop.

The only problem is then your stuck with artwork that’s hard to resize. Or worst yet, you send it to the printers & you get back fuzzy (or pixelated) work! Blech! Embarrassing & annoying!

That’s why we created VectorSketch. It’s a deluxe package of 40 charcoal & graphite based brushes.

Now you can stay in your safe place & do all your work in Illustrator. & of course, get beautiful scalable results.

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive when you click the Buy Now Button:

10 pressure sensitive compressed charcoal sticks
10 pressure sensitive willow sticks
10 pressure sensitive carpentar pencils
10 pressure sensitive No. 2 Pencils (just like you poked yourself with in grade school & wondered if you got lead poisoning)

If you were to buy all these supplies, create hundreds of samples, vectorize, clean & minimize points & package them as beautifully as we did you could easily spend over $400.

We’ve done all the work & created a set that will hold a place of honor among your Illustrator brushes for just $19!

Grab it now so you have it later!

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The Vector Brush Toolbox includes VectorSketch & 5 other retro brush packs (200 brushes in total). It’s one of our best-selling packs & you save a ton of money! Click the link below to grab it now!

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