Nov 23, 2021

Download The Procreate Starter Kit

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Download The Procreate Starter Kit Free Add-on:

The Procreate Starter Kit Add-on
Add-on by: Idle Letters
Published: Feb 22, 2021
Applications Supported: Procreate
File Size: 29.3 MB

Overview: The Procreate Starter Kit
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Thanks for looking at this Procreate Starter Kit ..

This brush set is a little snapshot of the brushes I use most in my own work, gathered into a handy little starter kit. Perfect for someone starting out on their Procreate journey or just for those of you looking for a simple set to use in your work.

The Procreate Starter Kit is a collection of 8 brushes that will give you everything you need to start experimenting. Carry on reading below to find out a bit more about what’s included…

The Brushes

Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:

Soft Sketch: A refined, soft feeling sketching brush that works well as a quick mark making brush to get quick ideas, sketches & notes down quickly.
Rough Sketch: A toothier sketcher that keeps that lovely shading quality but has a lot more bite to it.
Smooth Ink: A silky smooth lining inker, perfect for outlines when you want a crisp finish.
Bobbly Ink: When you want a bit more bump to your lines, similar to the smooth inker this works best as a lining brush but gives you a lovely bobbly edge to your shapes.
Smooth Monoline: Probably one of my most used brushes, I use this as the skeleton for a lot of my lettering, it gives me a consistent width to work on & let’s me map out my lettering at a heavier weight then the sketcher.
Noisy Monoline: Similar to the smooth monoliner but with a lot more grain & noise, this works really nicely as an inline in your lettering or for when you want something inbetween the rough sketcher & the bobbly ink.
Grain: A simple, graceful shader brush to add some grainy depth to your work.
Texture: A subtle shading brush that lets you bring some noise to your backgrounds or larger areas & shapes.

Thank you

Thanks so much for checking these brushes. There is a guide for how to install them included in the download.

If you decide to buy them & use them please do let me know how you get on! I love to see work created using the brushes i’ve made! Just tag me @idleletters 🙂

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