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Download Specs – Custom Measures & Marks

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Download Specs – Custom Measures & Marks Free Add-on:

Specs – Custom Measures & Marks Add-on
Add-on by: h3design
Published: Nov 03, 2020
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 285.52 KB

Overview: Specs – Custom Measures & Marks
This Plugin ONLY workes with Photoshop 2021 or newer

Specs makes it easy to generate measurements (sizes, distances), guidelines & color samples. Everything is customizable in its appearance & most of the settings update in real time. You can measure in different Units like pixel, inch, millimeter & centimeter or display colors as hex code, RGB, CYMK or HSB. Since the fontsize & all other visual styles are adjustable, you can even use Specs for large print templates, not only designs that are for web-use.

Main Functions:

Measure Size: Add measurements for selected layers to indicate height & width
Measure Distance: Add measurements for the distances between two selected layers (or document edge)
Measure Custom: Auto-selects the ruler tool & let’s you draw a measurement
Guides from Layer: Renders guidelines along the edges of a layer
Draw Guideline: Place a guide & it gets drawn as a line
Sample Color: Take a color sample in various color modes
Layer/Document Info: List various properties (auto detects if it’s a shape, text or normal layer & shows relevant info)


Most settings will update the look in real-time without having to recreate the elements

Global: Font, Font Size, Unit (px,cm,mm,in,pica, pt), Show Unit (on / off)
Measurements: Color, Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Text Location (on line / next to line), Stroke Width, Limiter (none, arrow, dot, line), Offset, Rotate Text (on / off)
Guidelines: Color, Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Text Location (on line / next to line), Stroke Width, Show Text (on / off)
Color Samples: Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Output Mode (Hex Code, RGB, CMYK, HSB)
Info-Boxes: Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Properties (select from 18 options)


Auto-Update on Enter (on/off): pressing Enter in an input after changing the value automatically updates the look
Auto-Cancel Listeners (on/off): If on, it will cancel listening for the [new guide], [draw ruler] & [sample color] event once the action has been done by the user. Turn it off if you want to consecutively add multiple samples/measures/guides.
Show Panel Header (on/off): Shows or hides the top part of the interface
Show Settings (on/off): Shows or hides the settings view
Minimize Buttons (on/off): Show only icons on buttons, no text
Render better TextBG: Creates cleaner rectangle boxes behind the text. Do this at the end, when youre done with customizations.
Set Font to currently active: Sets the font setting to the currently active font of the text tool in Photoshop. (so you don’t have to try & guess the name of a font)
Delete Nesting helpers: Removes the layers that just exist for the plugin to nest groups correctly
Delete Specs: Removes the [specs]-folder created by the plugin with all the measurements etc in it
Reset Panel State: Resets the panel to the initial settings

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