Mar 3, 2022

Download Shader Brushes for Affinity

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Download Shader Brushes for Affinity Free Add-on:

Shader Brushes for Affinity Add-on
Add-on by: Pixelbuddha
Published: Apr 13, 2020
Applications Supported: Affinity Designer
File Size: 196.27 MB

Overview: Shader Brushes for Affinity
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We’ve seen our brushes in action for Photoshop, Procreate & Illustrator. It would be logical to finish this collection by adding the last unrevealed format to the list. So please welcome Shader Brushes for Affinity!

This collection of 35 brushes & 12 textures will make your work sparkle! The exuberance of brush textures astounds with the different drawing techniques you can implement in the process: scatter, noise, hatch, pressure, shadow. Let your imagination guide you, ’cause now all the artistic means were made available in a new format! Can’t wait to embark on a new illustration, ad design, or promo poster? We can understand that 🙂 Please, go ahead & share your works with us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

What’s inside?

7 scatter brushes;
7 noise brushes;
7 hatch brushes;
7 pressure brushes;
7 shadow brushes;
12 textures;
help file.

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