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Download Procreate Pastellesque Brushes

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Download Procreate Pastellesque Brushes Free Add-on:

Procreate Pastellesque Brushes Add-on
Add-on by: Ben Lew Illustration
Published: Oct 13, 2016
Applications Supported: Procreate
File Size: 8.79 MB

Overview: Procreate Pastellesque Brushes
NOTE: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate for use with the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil.

–They DO NOT work in Photoshop–

Four versatile brushes to create a pastel-like look. Kinda chalky, kinda painty. Great fun & range to be had with these.

Smudge – Get some texture & a little bit of drag to blend colors to achieve a painterly quality.

Ink – My main filling brush in this set. Great for blocking out shapes & areas. I like to use it to define areas to select & then use…

Texture – This guy can add grit big & small. Use it for shading, roughing, or filling.

Sketcher – Basic sketching pencil for roughing out ideas or adding details.


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