Nov 21, 2021

Download Patts Brush Collection

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Download Patts Brush Collection Free Add-on:

Patts Brush Collection Add-on
Add-on by: Guerillacraft
Published: Jan 15, 2018
Applications Supported: Adobe Illustrator
File Size: 120.93 MB

Overview: Patts Brush Collection
Patts Brush Collection contains 50 no-stretched brushes & 60 seamless customizable patterns for Adobe Illustrator!

I worked on this project longer time than I had expected! It was very very addictive & I learned a lot of new things. I didn’t use the patterns in my illustration before, but with this new set of brushes & patterns, I discovered a completely new world!

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The Brushes & Patterns are not only good looking but they save a lot of time. With few clicks you can make simple but beautiful illustrations. They are absolutely useful for every pattern maker. Check the preview image with kitchen stuff for example.

Normally, you would spend a lot of time drawing elements by hand, converting them into vector & they would be very hard to adjust. But with my no-stretch brushes, you can draw easily without losing the hand-made quality.

What you will get:

50 no-stretched (pattern-based) brushes for Adobe Illustrator. High quality in details but easy to handle! You will get a wide range of brushes – from inkers to ornamental brushes!
If you are using the CC version of Adobe Illustrator, you will have access to autogenerated corners, so you can make frames & sharp angles without messing. If you are using CS version of Illustrator, you don’t have corners (affects you when drawing rectangle frames) but there is quick tutorial how to trick to Illustrator 🙂 So don’t be worried!
60 fully customizable pattern swatches easy to use in illustrations.
PDF tutorial with useful tips how to use & custom the patterns. & create new ones!
Customer Support – feel free to send me a message or email if you need a help!

Buy this superb collection of brushes & patterns today!

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