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Download Modern Double Exposure Actions

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Download Modern Double Exposure Actions Free Add-on:

Modern Double Exposure Actions Add-on
Add-on by: SparkleStock
Published: Mar 20, 2019
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 63.85 MB

Overview: Modern Double Exposure Actions
Download these Photoshop actions to easily create stunning double exposure artwork. It uses artificial intelligence & face-detection to give you great results quickly. Simply put, these are the best & most advanced double exposure actions you’ll find! Download & try them out today.

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Photoshop Actions

— Start Here —
Step 1
Step 2
— Double Exposure —
Adjust Texture
Adjust Subject
Change Texture
— Color Settings —
Full Color
Full B&W
Hybrid 1
Hybrid 2
— Skin Protection —
Strength – 0%
Strength – 25%
Strength – 50%
Strength – 75%
Strength – 100%
Softness 1
Softness 2
Softness 3
Softness 4
Softness 5
— AI Mask —
Enable/Disable AI Mask
Edit AI Mask
Save AI Mask
— Tools —
Test Document
Need Help?

✔ AI-Powered Actions – Create Double Exposures Quickly & Easily

These actions guide you towards creating stunning double exposures. The artificial intelligence automatically finds your subject & separates it from the background.

✔ Editable & Organized Layers.

Reposition the subject or texture at any time. The actions automatically update all your layers. The layers are also properly organized & color-coded making it easy to edit.

✔ Swap Textures Anytime

Change the texture at any time without starting over. The “Change Texture” action lets you quickly pick the best texture for your photo.

✔ BONUS: 30 Free High-Res Textures

Get started quickly with free textures that you can use for your double exposures.

✔ Stunning Results with Skin Protection

The built-in skin protection makes faces more visible. It uses face-detection to detect your subject’s skin tone. See the product images for an example!

✔ Intelligent Error Detection

No more headaches! In Photoshop CC, these actions are so advanced that they can even detect & fix common document issues.

✔ Works with All Languages

Many Photoshop actions will only run if Photoshop is set to English. These actions, however, work with ALL languages. You can use the actions without changing the language setting.

For Best Results

The photo of your main subject (ex. a person), should be against a bright background. If you are using a photo with a darker background, you may notice hard edges between the subject & background. In this case, you can disable AI Mask or choose a darker background.

To disable the AI mask, play the “Enable/Disable AI Mask” action after creating your double exposure..
To change the background color, double-click on the thumbnail of the “Background Fill” layer & choose a color.

Artificial Intelligence Notes

These actions use artificial intelligence to automatically mask out the main subject in your photo. It works with people, animals, food & most common objects. For best results, use a high-res photo with a simple or blurred background.

For the face-detection to work, your photo needs to have a visible face (preferably the front of the face). If no face is present, it’ll try its best to select the skin tones based on common skin tones.

Compatible With

Photoshop CC (All Languages)
Mac & Windows


August 4, 2019 – Fixed error with AI skin tone detection not working on some images.

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