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Download Massive Texture Pack for Procreate

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Download Massive Texture Pack for Procreate Free Add-on:

Massive Texture Pack for Procreate Add-on
Add-on by: Liquid Amethyst Art
Published: Oct 31, 2020
Applications Supported: Procreate
File Size: 149.63 MB

Overview: Massive Texture Pack for Procreate
Massive Shader & Texture Pack for Procreate goes perfectly with any kind of art style – modern, minimal, flat, realistic, traditional or contemporary. Massive Shader & Texture Pack for Procreate is a great choice if you feel that your artwork looks too plain & want to give a more depth & naturalness.

Massive Shader & Texture Pack for Procreate is all you need to make your inspiration flare! Does not matter what your level as an artist is – you are pro or you are just starting, it was created to help you achieve new level of satisfaction!

You will get 70 amazing brushes for Procreate, including all sorts of shaders & texturizers. Massive Shader & Texture Pack for Procreate perfect for adding shadows, grains, blended gradients, gritty effects & texture overlay accents. You can make awesome shades & textures easily, with little effort. Add some depth & atmosphere to your artwork. All brushes are pressure sensitive & optimized for use with the Apple Pencil, so you have great control over your art.

This pack allows you to choose from wide variety of materials – from organic textures to rough grains, from smooth shadows to metallic surfaces. You free to create any kind of art – modern, hyperrealism, flat, contemporary. You will definitely enjoy this brushes, & get a lot of fun, making something new.

How to use?

You could use brushes itself, as it is, or apply it directly to the object you work on using Clipping Mask & Alpha lock functions in Procreate. Here is how:

Step 1

1st Way. Pick the layer & create clipping mask above it. You could use several clipping masks for different types of brushes or different colors, or keep one. This way gives you more control over your art, because you could change quantity of masks or delete them in any time. Keep in mind, that using clipping mask way, you will increase quantity of layers.

2nd Way. Pick the layer & lock it with Alpha lock. Use Shaders & Texturizers on the same layer until you get desirable result. Keep in mind, using Alpha lock, you cant get so much control like with the clipping masks.

Step 2

Start using desirable brushes to apply shadows & textures until you satisfied with your art.

70 brushes included in this pack


Cloud Shader
Soft Chalk Shader
Salty Grain Shader
Noice Shader
Pencil Sketch
Soft Dots Shader
Light Dust Shader
Rough Shader
Shiny Shader
Hatch Brush
Crosshatch Shader
Outer Space
Canvas Paper Shader
Dragon Skin
Wire Knot
Wooly Ball
Medium Stucco
Crystal Reflection
Moon Surface
Fine Sand Shader
Sugar Splatter
Hairball Brush
Stellar Cluster
Fine Bristle
Layers of Paint
Floral Shader


Marble Texturizer
Stone Texturizer
Press Rough brush
Unknown Planet
Fleece Texture
Glass Chunk
Grunge Organic
Deep Water
Organic Texturizer
Rustic Texturizer
Wooden Texturizer
Metal Texturizer
Fine Crackles
Fine Stucco
Rough Stucco
Birch Bark
Medium Crackles
Burned Earth
Cracked Earth
Desert Night
Dry Flowers
Organic Pattern
Organic Touch
Rusty Surface
Cord Yarn
Fiber Texturizer
Plastic Wrap Texturizer
Square Grid
Chip Pattern
Reptile Skin
Orange Skin
Kiwi Peel
Living Corals
Grunge Clouds
Radiant Glitter
Tire Texturizer
Damaged Old Bark
Ammonite Brush
Rice Scrub Texturizer
Crystal Texturizer
Crumpled Paper

IMPORTANT: You need iPad Pro, Apple Pencil (or compatible, pressure sensitive Stylus) & Procreate App in order to use this brushes. These brushes DO NOT work in Photoshop or other application.

Zip-file contains: (NOTE: Unzip file before upload brushes to Procreate)

– 1 brushset ( includes 70 brushes)


COMPATIBILITY: Please note these are digital brushes which will only work in the Procreate App for iOs. They will not work in Photoshop or other software applications.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please, message me!

Have fun & thank you for feedback & purchase:)

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