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Download Machine Shop by RetroSupply

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Download Machine Shop by RetroSupply Free Add-on:

Machine Shop by RetroSupply Add-on
Add-on by: RetroSupply Co.
Published: Feb 04, 2015
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 330.52 MB

Overview: Machine Shop by RetroSupply
A Complete Toolbox to Give Your Work 1940’s Metal Textures

In the 1940’s tons of stuff came packaged in tin. Motor oil, razor blades, aspirin, typewriter ribbons, all this & more came in tins.

This packaging communicated the rugged quality products that came inside the packaging.

Now with RetroSupply Machine Shop you can forge your own design projects with the same durable reliability of these old products.

Here’s a Video Showing You Exactly How It Works: https://vimeo.com/121088551

Here’s What You Get When You Grab RetroSupply Machine Shop Now:

RetroSupply Machine Shop Smart PSD (3300px by 2196px)
10 Black & White Machinist Textures (3300px by 2550px)
10 Vintage Steel Overlays (4500px by 3000px)
RetroSupply Machine Shop Manual PDF

Here’s the Textures That Come Loaded in RetroSupply Machine Shop

Scraped & Scratched
Thinning Paint
Classic Wear
Wear & Tear
Back of the Toolbox
Garage Nightmare

Imagine, in just a few minutes you could be giving your work the tough & gritty look of 1940’s metal packaging.

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