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Download Kodachrome 64 preset Lightroom

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Download Kodachrome 64 preset Lightroom Free Add-on:

Kodachrome 64 preset Lightroom Add-on
Add-on by: ProPreset
Published: Jan 11, 2017
Applications Supported: Adobe Lightroom
File Size: 14.86 KB

Overview: Kodachrome 64 preset Lightroom
Own development analogue of the famous film Kodak Kodaсhrome 64. Preset as accurately displays the image processing in accordance with the unique colors branded films. It is important to understand that the original version of the film in 35mm format it quite differently gives color & it depends on white balance in an image. In the digital version as close as possible the same preset behaviour. It is enough to correct the white balance on the basis of taste preferences. In some places, if the image a lot of bright red color, is enough to muffle his regulator “saturation” under Lightroom basic.

This preset perfectly emphasizes the blue, yellow & magenta colors making them the most variability. Also included in peresete film grain, if desired, which can be turned off in section “Effects” Lightroom.

To apply a preset, double-click it, & the default Lightroom install it in the user’s library. After applying the preset locations require a slight adjustment of white balance, saturation.

The filter works well for raw photos, but just as well & in JPG format.

Update! Added support for the latest versions of Ligntroom with the file extension “XMP”

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