Nov 24, 2021

Download Inky Retro Procreate Set

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Download Inky Retro Procreate Set Free Add-on:

Inky Retro Procreate Set Add-on
Add-on by: angelainthefields
Published: Apr 05, 2021
Applications Supported: Procreate
File Size: 34.05 MB

Overview: Inky Retro Procreate Set
I am in love with this set – super easy 80s doodle pattern Procreate brush set that will instantly breathe life & fun into any artwork you are working on. Try it out in mono color for that super pop look or layer them to build a more complex look. They work marvellously when you want to give landscapes or writing some texture & interest as well!

This quick&simple pack includes 40 pattern brushes for Procreate (if you are looking for a vector version instead or PNGs, you will find it in my shop!). Don’t forget, if you want to increase or decrease size of the pattern, just go under ‘Grain’ on brush settings & change the percentage!

Retro with a twist

I am in love with retro patterns but I am first & foremost client centred – this is why I make sure all my patterns are vintage inspired; but with a modern twist. This ensures your product stands out, because they look retro, but are still trendy & contemporary. Download now for your posters, nostalgic packaging, retro inspired stationery & the like! Pop it into Canva or if you’re more advanced, pop them into Photoshop for easy color changing & resizing.

Check out my shop for more beautiful retro creative goods! Https:// IG @angelainthefields

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