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Download Glitching Brushes for Procreate

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Download Glitching Brushes for Procreate Free Add-on:

Glitching Brushes for Procreate Add-on
Add-on by: LuOtero
Published: Aug 22, 2018
Applications Supported: Procreate
File Size: 18.7 MB

Overview: Glitching Brushes for Procreate
This set includes 23 items. It’s a versatile collection of texture brushes, stamp brushes & pattern brushes aimed to give any graphic an 80’s/90’s old TV look & suitable for the Procreate app. They are inspired on the kind of things an analog television did when it was experiencing technical difficulties.

What you get,

10 Procreate Texture Brushes
11 Procreate Stamp Brushes
2 Procreate Pattern Brushes

2 easy import options,

From the Files App, select the location where the brushes are, & instantly load the whole set by selecting the “CompleteSet” folder you were given. Inside you will find a single file called “Glitching” that has all the brushes for your convenience.
Traditional one by one import option into Procreate, in case you don’t want to install them all right away. Individual brushes are located inside the folder called “IndividualBrushes”.

This set is perfect for social media edits (for instance you can use them to give an eighties/nineties look to your Instagram stories). Also great for scrapbooking, branding, websites, digital media, packaging design, greetings, invites, apparel, merchandise & more. You can use them in different products, like notebooks, envelopes, phone wallpapers, personal cards, invitations, postcards, calendars, wrapping papers & more. Plus, they’re ideal for lifestyle blogs, stickers, planners, stationery & posters.

This set is made for the Procreate app for the iPad pro, it doesn’t work on any other software. If you are interested in something similar for desktop software, like Photoshop, please check out other sets with similar aesthetics,

TV Glitch Textures
Neon Wilderness textures

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