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Download Ghost Photo Creator

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Download Ghost Photo Creator Free Add-on:

Ghost Photo Creator Add-on
Add-on by: SparkleStock
Published: Oct 17, 2013
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop, HTML/CSS
File Size: 3.97 MB

Overview: Ghost Photo Creator
Easily create ghost photos from a single image! This Photoshop action makes it easy to convert people, animals, objects, etc. into see-through ghosts. It also comes with 10 scary photo effects & 10 real film grain textures.

Ghost Photos from 1 Image

This action makes it easy to create see-through ghost photos using just one image! By using only one image, you can avoid time-consuming problems like complex selections, perspective, & lighting/tone matching.

Fully Editable Layer

All layers are fully editable & nondestructive. You can alter the blending of the ghost, add effects, & more.

10 Photo Effect

Play one action & all 10 effects will be generated for you! Using Snapshot Prerendering, you can switch between the effects without playing another action.

8 Seamless Film Grain Texture

Fake ghost photos are always grainy & it’s a great way to hide flaws & make your image look more raw. This download includes 8 seamless film grain textures. These textures are sampled from real camera films such as Kodak T-MAX P3200, Ilford HP5, & more.

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