Sep 21, 2022

Download BUNDLE of 44 Illustrator Palettes

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Download BUNDLE of 44 Illustrator Palettes Free Add-on:

BUNDLE of 44 Illustrator Palettes Add-on
Add-on by: Jennadesigns
Published: Feb 09, 2021
Applications Supported: Adobe Illustrator, Other
File Size: 20.3 MB

Overview: BUNDLE of 44 Illustrator Palettes
ILLUSTRATOR COLOR PALETTE BUNDLE 1320 swatches total | 44 palettes of 30 beautiful & cohesive colors

This HUGE collection of 44 hand-curated designer color palettes is just what every graphic designer needs for their design library. Carefully curated from inspiring moodboards, each of these palettes is not only chic but trendy as well, inspired by everything from my grandmother’s kitchen to my collection of tarot cards & so much more!

Use these color palettes to personalize your designs to the cohesive color themes you’ve been visualizing! Having all of these palettes ready at your fingertips makes your design process so much faster – gone are the days of picking swatches, one by one & hoping they all go together!


You Made Me Blush Palette
Boho Desert Mood Palette
Cool Neutrals Palette
Nursery Aesthetic Palette
Oceanside Vibe Palette
Pretty in Pink Palette
Skin Deep Palette
Sliced Agate Palette
Sunset Rays Palette
Vibrant Summer Days Palette
Mochachino Palette
Citrus Fruits Palette
Modern Glamour Palette
Posh Princess Palette
Trendy Bohemian Palette
Vintage Chic Palette
Vintage Autos Palette
Spring Celebrations Palette
Tropical Art Palette
Grandma’s Kitchen Palette
Blood Oranges Palette
Barn Swallows Palette
Indigo Flowers Palette
Venice Architecture Palette
DMC Floss Palette
Antique Books Palette
Daffodils Palette
Fabric Stacks Palate
Blueberries Palette
I Love Us Palette
Roller Skates Palette
Surf Shack Palette
Flamingo Feathers Palette
Mossy Garden Palette
Tarot Cards Palette
Hawaiian Fruit Palette
Vintage Pyrex Palette
Zinnia Bouquet Palette
Orange & Pink Agate Palette
Rollerskates Palette
Indian Tiles Palette
VW Beetle Love Palette
Mexican Blankets Palette
Eye Shadow Palette

*delivered in one zip files of all 44 .ASE color palette Illustrator files.


Alter these palettes in any way
Resell or redistribute these palettes files
Claim these palettes as your own
Copy these palettes

How to install swatches (.ASE files) in Illustrator:

In Illustrator, open up your Swatches Panel (Window Swatches)
Click the menu button in the top right corner of the Swatches panel.
Go to Open Swatch Library Other Library…
Locate the swatch (.ase) file library, & click open.
Your swatches will appear as a separate swatch panel.
Any swatches you select & use will appear in your main Swatches Panel also.

*Please see shop for individual color palette listings … more are being added all the time & this bundle will be updated with additional palettes in the future as well! So, purchase today – at today’s price – & you’ll get all future new palettes & updated palettes as well!

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