Jan 14, 2022

Download 102 Lightning Brushes

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Download 102 Lightning Brushes Free Add-on:

102 Lightning Brushes Add-on
Add-on by: xresch
Published: Sep 23, 2017
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Other, Procreate
File Size: 210.11 MB
Dimensions: 2500 x 2500 px

Overview: 102 Lightning Brushes
I found a good way to create lightning artificially, & this brush package is the result.

In this package you will find:

102 lightning & electricity brushes for Photoshop (.abr)
102 lightning & electricity brushes for Affinity (.afbrushes)
102 lightning & electricity brushes for Procreate (.brushset)
102 PNG Files, one for each brush
40 overlay images (.jpeg)
47 coloring photoshop styles (.asl)
6 photoshop styles to color lightning (.asl)
12 affinity styles to color lightning (.afstyles)

These brushes are useful for:

Put that missing lightning on that dramatic thunderstorm scene
Free Energy, buy once & have your design tools powered up forever
Put that extra shock into your art
To let energy flow through some product
Electronic music party posters
Insect traps (don’t overdo it, poor mosquitos)
Power Plant related topics
High Voltage related topics
Electronic device topics
Technology topics

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