Nov 23, 2021

Download Venus 8k

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Download Venus 8k Free 3D:

Venus 8k 3D
3D by: Flash My Pixel
Published: Aug 16, 2017
File Size: 311.03 MB
Polygon Count: 8192

Overview: Venus 8k
This Is a 8k Venus with 3 sphere’s.

Done with Blender 2.78.

This model was done in blender render so no plugins needed, it is ready to be rendered straight away.

All HD high Res-maps which have been edited to be more sharper in renders.

Cloud map – 2048×1024

Normal Map – 8192×4096

Night Map – 2048×1024

Colour Map – 8192×4096

Polygons – 8,192

Vertices – 8,448

Aurora Texture author is- John.k.Van Vliet

This Venus has a cloud map & an aurora.

The cloud texture, Atmosphere can be switched on or off, in the saved file it is switched on.

The rendered style is a take on a bit of science fiction & hyper-realism.

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