Nov 23, 2021

Download Rug “Island”

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Download Rug “Island” Free 3D:

Rug “Island” 3D
3D by: Vista 3d
Published: Apr 21, 2021
File Size: 19.01 MB
Texture Resolution: 1400 x 1217 px

Overview: Rug “Island”
The rug “Island”

Design: Studio Kononenko ID
Dimensions: 2800×2600 mm

The rug is hand-woven according to the ancient methods of weaving of Ukraine, from natural wool of the highest quality. Each product is made by one, maximum two craftsmen. They pay attention to every detail, the weaving is so dense & high quality that it allows the product to last more than 100 years with careful use. We have created an atypical rug that symbolizes a green island in the middle of a granite desert with a shimmering mirror of a lake. The craftsmen easily transferred the sketch to the material, combining several forms on the verstat with continuous weaving of a woolen thread. This composition magically unites the space of a room, collects together interior items, brings harmony & comfort, becomes the heart of the room. It is just an island of peace of mind in the house.

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