Jan 12, 2022

Download Lighthouse PBR

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Download Lighthouse PBR Free 3D:

Lighthouse PBR 3D
3D by: GamePoly
Published: Aug 26, 2018
Applications Supported: 3DS Max, Blender, Maya, Other
File Size: 405.72 MB
Texture Resolution: 2 x 4096 px
Polygon Count: 6155

Overview: Lighthouse PBR
Lighthouse PBR

Very Detailed Huge Old Lighthouse with High-Quality PBR Texturing

Fits perfect for any PBR game as Exterior Decoration in landscapes, or as a landmark. Perfect for Open world games etc.

The lighthouse has great details to it, such as a Big Lamp in the top, which can be rotated, & has Emission if it needs lighting, old rusty steel railing, windows, & metal door as an entrance.

The Lighthouse is separated into pieces, such as the stone fundament in the bottom which can be removed if not needed & such, see the screenshot for separated pieces.

The Mesh is unwrapped, & UV Mapped PBR Painted

Albedo, Base Color, MetallicSmoothness, Roughness, Metallic, Height, Normal, AO Emission, Maps

The Model has 2 x 4096×4096 Texture maps to keep a Good Resolution

Please Note, this PBR Textures Only.

Low Poly

6155 Polys 7799 Verts

File Formats :

.Max2016 .Max2015 .Max2014 .Max2013 .FBX .OBJ .3DS .DAE .UnityPackage (Unity 5.6)

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