Apr 22, 2022

Download Human colon. Animated

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Download Human colon. Animated Free 3D:

Human colon. Animated 3D
3D by: konstantin.ermolaev
Published: Sep 08, 2016
File Size: 18.54 MB
Polygon Count: 8425

Overview: Human colon. Animated
Anatomically accurate, realistic 3d model of human colon.

Model is animated, demonstrates peristalsis waves of the colon. Animation is loopable.

See example animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXcfaYRJAv0

Model have high resolution texture (4k) & material with sub-surface scattering effect. Ready for 3d medical presentations.

Accurate quad-poly mesh is good for turbosmoothing.

Lighting setup, sss-materials & render settings presented 3ds max 2014 format. The scene is using Vray renderer & free plugin ‘colorcorrect’. Other formats do not require the plugins.

Also you can use it in PBR game engines like Unreal & Unity. Model accurately unwrapped & low poly ready. Available formats:

3ds max 2014

Created with real world scale.

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