Jan 12, 2022

Download Heroes – Dark Knight

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Download Heroes – Dark Knight Free 3D:

Heroes – Dark Knight 3D
3D by: Polygonmaker
Published: Sep 15, 2015
File Size: 34.21 MB
Animation Range: From 0 to 1
Material Count: 2
Texture Resolution: 2048 x 2048 px
Object Count: 10
Polygon Count: 3500
Bone Count: 36

Overview: Heroes – Dark Knight
High quality animated knight is ready to use.

Two LOD levels: 3344 tris & 1554 tris.

Two high quality sets of textures:

2K & 1K textures as “Next Gen” set (Diffuse, specular, gloss & normal maps)
1K Mobile set with very detailed diffuse texture to use with simple shaders

Package includes 12 animations. Please check the Unity preview at http://www.polygonmaker.com/Heroes-DarkKnight/Heroes-DarkKnight.html

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