Jan 11, 2022

Download Biscuit Selection 04

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Download Biscuit Selection 04 Free 3D:

Biscuit Selection 04 3D
3D by: Adam Sculpts
Published: Aug 23, 2016
File Size: 30.84 MB
Object Count: 6

Overview: Biscuit Selection 04
A selection of 3 luxury style chocolate biscuits:

Milk Chocolate Biscuit Finger
White Chocolate Biscuit Star
White Chocolate Biscuit Ring

Each biscuit type comes with:

Low & high detail .obj polygon model
2048 x 2048 resolution UV textures
Colour/diffuse UV texture
Roughness/glossiness UV texture
Bump UV texture

Great to use in any scene for adding extra detail or as a background prop.

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