Feb 4, 2022

Download Baltic Broad Axes

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Download Baltic Broad Axes Free 3D:

Baltic Broad Axes 3D
3D by: GamePoly
Published: Jun 02, 2016
File Size: 326.46 MB
Polygon Count: 748

Overview: Baltic Broad Axes
Baltic Broad Axes – 3D Low Poly Model

Two Detailed Baltic Broad Axes, perfect for games, such as survival, medieval, fantasy, crafting/repairing tool or as a weapon.

Broad Axe 01 Low Poly Triangles – 708 Triagles – 373 Vertices

Broad Axe 02 Low Poly Triangles – 748 Triagles – 393 Vertices

4096×4096 TGA/PNG/JPG Textures – Specular & Normal Textures is created using Photoshop, & has a Diffuse, Normal & Specular to its base.

Work around with its material, & you can easy find the right settings for it.

About :

The Baltic Broad Axe is a socketed broad axe, with a large heavy blade that slices cleaning through timbers. The sharpened blade cleaves wood fibers as the users stroke slices down into the timber & the heavy weight of the axe pushes it through the wood, splitting the jogs from the log.

File Formats :

.Max2016 .Max2015 .Max2014 .Max2013 .OBJ .FBX .3DS .DAE

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